Glorious Connemara Cycle

Join us for the Glorious Connemara Cycle with brunch included at Ashford Castle.

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Cong to Clonbur Loop

This is one of the most beautiful, off road cycles in Western Europe! It has largly escaped the masses. The forest trails and small off roads seem to have been designed for cycling. The first half of your journey was designed for Benjamin Lee Guinness, born in 1798 and the grandson of Arthur of the black stuff, so he could visit his holiday home in Clonbur without ever going onto the public highway. Did he ever in his wildest dreams think it would be used to this day by cyclists from all over the world to marvel at what is a jewell in the crown of the Irish outdoor landscape for locals and strangers alike.

Tours : Hire : Repair ... Free advice

Our main business is guided tours, thats what we are famous for. All our guides grew up in the area and are proud and protecive of the landscape. In addition to tours however, we were constantly asked if we could rent bikes for a day, several days or indeed a week. We can! Also, we quickly became known for our ability to repair old and not so old bikes and whenever we can, we do. We also give tips on bike maintainance and advice on what bike is most suited to you. We are amazed at how many people buy bikes totally unsuitable for them. If, for examplle you are not in a racing club, chances are a racing bike is not suitable for you. Check us out first. 087 2172937


Many of our clients look for overnight accomodation. Cusromer requirements are varied. An entire family or stag or hen group might like to rent a house. Others, smaller self catering accomodation. Most of our guests though prefer B&B or small hotels. We have all the angles covered. We can set you up in a choice of two *** star hotels locally who we have knocked down in price. There is after all a global recession and the last thing we need is to have our cyclists ripped off. Ring us up and we will set you up. We also have Ashford Castle Hotel in Cong now under new ownership and they have told us that while they might not knock down the price, they WILL do something for our customers. No harm in asking.

Learn the Gaeilge

We are now embarking on a new venture, teaching Irish in a totally different way to the way you learned or very probably didn't learn in school. We teach through place names, folklore, traditions and in a way that makes sense to people. A language is not just a way that allows people to function and interact in society but also a rich tapestry of where we came from and giving us a solid foundation for the pathway ahead. This cycle is run once a month and is complimented by a shorter walk for people who prefer to walk. Either way we all meet up at the one point. The next Irish adventure is on Friday the 27th of September at 12 Noon from Cong. A more detailed 'content' will appear on this site shortly

We went out for the tour with Glorious Connemara Cycle to Cong and Ashford Castle and had a fantastic day out. You could not ask for more. - Martin Kelly

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